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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Possible new bags coming soon...

I'm considering offering some new monogrammable totes and duffles but wanted to get your feedback as to if its something you'd order?  At this time, I still haven't shared my blog with many people so I'm counting on you all for feedback.  Let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment on this post...

Here are a few of the bags...They also come in other colors but I thought I'd start with the basics.
Pink dot duffle- ($35)

black dot duffle- ($35)
IU dot duffle- ($35)
Brown dot duffle- ($35)

black and white dot tote- ($30)

navy dot diaper bag- ($34)
Navy dot Bible cover- ($25)


Diana said...

VERY CUTE BAGS! I love that pink/black dots and pink/brown dots (I'm a pink kinda girl lol). I really like that quilted material too. (something like that would work for a laptop bag's padded insert thingy too!). Also, the black and white dot tote and the green one below it are some starter ideas for a laptop bag if they could come in the right size.

Gorgeous new products Robin! :)

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